Underfloor Heating


In slab or floor coil heating is an efficient and unobtrusive way to heat your home. This hydronic system is installed in newly built homes and is ideal where wall space is minimal allowing for a more streamline aesthetic.

Floor coils are laid in a screed with an insulated underlay or set in a concrete slab. Hot water is circulated from a heating boiler to the manifold via a network of pipes and back to the boiler for re-circulation. The slab stores the heat and steadily releases it to provide continuous warmth to your home 24 hours a day. Floor coils systems work best with either concrete or tile floor coverings.

Benefits of under floor hydronic heating

Cost Effective

Insallation time is reduced and the running costs are lower due to the heating boiler operating at a lower supply temperature. Floor coils are very efficient when coupled with a high efficiency condensing boiler due to the low return water temperatures.


As the floor coils are laid in zones, the temperature of each area can be controlled separately by installing thermostats in each room.


As the heat is emitted evenly throughout the room, cold spots are eliminated ensuring maximum comfort.


Floor coil heating systems can be paired with radiator systems as well, allowing for a mix and match heating system. This is often the best solution for two storey homes where floor coils are used to heat downstairs where wall space is at a minimum and radiator panels upstairs.


Under floor hydronic heating systems are ideal for homes where wall space is limited. The absence of radiators allows a freedom in the interior d├ęcor.